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InfluxDB to store your sensor data

To store sensor data from my mqtt message broker I use influxdb. Influxdb is a time series database to make historical analysis, predictive analysis and anomaly detection. The nice thing about it, its open source (MIT) and easy to install, though not so easy to configure or manage. In this…


Automated Watering System powered by Node-RED

In this blog post i will describe which components I used to build my automated watering system. I will also show you some details on the software I used. But start with the result and let me show you some pictures of the working system: The system: The tank and…


Integration of the Edimax Smartplug into your node-RED flow

I decided to replace the current flow to control the edimax smartplug over node-RED with two smartplug specific nodes. The node makes use of the existing node.js module edimax-smartplug by mwittig. The node.js package node-red-contrib-smartplug adds two new nodes to your node-RED palette, one input node and one…